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Our Permanent Make Up Courses

Microblading & Powder shading classes for certification to become a permanent make-up artist. You need no previous experience to apply for the course and we welcome both beginners and professionals who want to learn the skills necessary to become a permanent make-up artist. In this course you will be taught the theory and skills of the trade. You will learn both Microblading, Powder shading and how to combine the two. You will also be given expert training on how to turn our course into a successful high-income business.

First let me tell you what microblading is. Microblading is done with a manual tool to give the client subtle hair like strokes. Looks very natural. Our shading technique is done by machine to give a soft shade, to also look natural but give definitions and depth to the brow. Combining the two, give the client a subtle to bold brow which achieves a very realistic look.

Course Details

We offer a 5 day training course at the price of a 3 day course, which is mandatory deposit of $500 to hold your seat.
The First 3 days you learn Techniques for both microblading and shading to create natural looking brows. How to understand skin, including age, texture and undertones. Proper use of tools and products. How to practice safety, sanitation and sterilization, to pass your blood borne pathogens test. How to set up your workstation (what goes on the station) and break it down. Order of treatment. How to complete all your necessary documentation for clients’ treatment. Example, waivers and consent forms and consultation forms. How to create perfect symmetry through mapping techniques. First on a mannequin.
How to shape eyebrows with the golden ratio rule. Brow strokes. Upper, lower, spine and down. Color theory to get a perfect match of color for every client. Where and how to apply for your tattoo license. Where to put your sharps and where to dispose of them. Medical waste locations in Texas. Proper numbing and recommendations. After care procedure. The use of salt or retinol for botched work.
We provide you with a full professional kit. This kit has everything you need to start working right away.
The 2 extra days will consist of mapping on a live model to see how facial muscles work & you providing a service from start to finish on a live model. This service will be guided by the instructor the whole time to ensure proper technique & depth. This will give you the confidence of knowing that you know how to work on real skin, not just fruit or silicon skins. This will also give you a photo for your portfolio.Your journey does not end after being certified. So, we also offer a mentorship after you’re certified to be able to contact us 24/7 or even bring your clients into our clinic to guide you until you feel completely comfortable on your own. Should you make any mistakes outside of our clinic we do offer help removing/lightening the mistake.
Our regular scheduled classes are on weekends but we do provide open schedules to help working women/moms/students. We just require that you put in your hours per day as needed. Which is 8 hours of class.
We are excited to announce we now also offer financing for our students. You can apply for tuition financing below. You click Book now and it will take you to “SweetPay” . They will process your loan and get back to you without it affecting your credit

Course covers

This is a 5 day course, We do offer financing.

Extensive theory & practical hands-on application.

Anatomy of the Skin.

Color Theory/Pigment selection.

Client qualification and consultation.

Brow shading, Ombré, pattern & design.

Safety, sterilization & sanitation.

Manual Tools.

Stretching techniques.

Application of brows.

Our Permanent Make Up Course Prices

✔  5 day Microblading/Powder shading training course with certification. 40 hours Price $4,995 includes profession kit. Must put down a $500 deposit.
✔ Nano brows —   — Price $3,999 but you must have Microblading cert already 2 days
✔ 1:1 training —   —  Price $5,999 4 days
✔ Full permanent make up, eyebrows, lips, eyeliner lip liner. —   — Price $9,999 (2 weeks / 10 days)